Meet Katrina Sanchez Standfield!

Katrina Sánchez is an interdisciplinary Panamanian-American artist working with fibers and mixed materials to create vibrant and tactile works that explore ideas of play, community, healing, and renewal.

Originally derived from her process of mending clothes with needle and thread, her current body of work is an exploration of thread-like magnified linear forms.

Her Magnified weavings are made by knitting long tubes, called noodles, that are stuffed and then woven together. Weaving these elements under and over each other amplifies the round plushy volume and its playful qualities.

Evoking a desire to touch and play, the familiarity of these forms creates a collective sense of intimacy, warmth, and joy. Katrina’s study of scale, texture, color and form plays with how we relate to our environments, ourselves, and each other. 



Where to find Katrina Standfield

Instagram: @fiberess

Email: or contact the office for more details!

Open studio hours are Tuesday - Wednesday and Friday - Saturday. Both residents and outside visitors have the opportunity to meet Katrina, purchase artwork, or watch her live.


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