Meet Liz Haywood!

Liz’s earliest memory of creating art was painting her beloved rescue dog, Sammy. He is painted on a fuchsia background framed in gold macaroni in her Charlotte, NC childhood home!

She graduated from Appalachian State and The Portfolio Center in Atlanta where she studied in design and illustration - winning several student awards. Liz developed her professional skills as a graphic designer in New York for seven years. In Atlanta, she established herself as an independent artist using latex and spray paint on canvases and murals. She used her murals in public spaces to express social concerns.

In Charlotte, Liz was awarded an Honorable Mention by South End Arts and The Brooklyn Collective in 2021. She was selected for a mural residency by Brand the Moth and as a Class of 2022 Artist for Charlotte ArtPop. As a result, her artwork has been displayed nationally and locally on billboards - everywhere from the airport to The President’s Cup! You can spot several of her murals in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

Help us welcome Liz to her 6-month art residency at our community from February 1st - August 31st, 2023!

Where to Find Liz Haywood

Instagram: @LizHaywood


Email: or contact the office for more details and studio hours.

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