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Art Residency

Muralist, Artist, Designer

Meet Dorian Williams!

Dorian Williams is an artist and designer from Virginia who has been creating art across different mediums since he began painting in 2021. As mentioned, Dorian has created pieces utilizing a wide range of mediums. Most recently Dorian has gotten into creating custom cleats for his clients in the National Football League (NFL) and has participated in a mural festival where he painted on a parking garage & a storage container as well.
  • The Village at Commonwealth Art Residency featured artist murals and art by Dorian Williams
  • The Village at Commonwealth Art Residency featured artist murals by Dorian Williams

    Dorian regularly participates in mural festivals & live art shows throughout the East Coast. His passion is painting on a large scale for viewers to enjoy. He often incorporates easter eggs in his illustrations for people to find; it encourages lovers of art to stop and enjoy the piece to find everything!

    He is inspired by pop culture references, cultural folklore & his own creative illustrations. Dorian primarily uses spray paint & acrylic paints to complete his work.


    • Spray Jam Mural Festival (2022 & 2023)

    • Plaza Midwood Artwalk Muralist (2022)

    • Southern Tiger Collective Battle Walls winner (2022)

    • Brand the Moth Mural Residency Awardee (2021-2022)

    Where to Find Dorian Williams

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