Tips for Living with Roommates

Whether you are living with one of your best friends or a stranger that you connected with through Craigslist, one thing remains the same – successfully living with a roommate takes work. Every person has a particular way that they like to live and do things around the house. To make things work with a roommate, both communication and compromise are required from everyone. To help you make the very best of your situation, following are few tips for living with roommates.

Establish some ground rules.

To avoid future confrontations, it is important to have a conversation at the very beginning about how you want to do things around your apartment. Is everyone fine with sharing household essentials (like towels and kitchen accessories), or does everyone need to bring their own? Do you want to create a rotating schedule for cleaning the common areas? Are you going to request a heads-up if your roommate wants to have visitors stay the night? Answering a few important questions ahead of time can prevent them from turning into larger issues down the road.

Be courteous of each other’s schedules.

If one roommate has a 9-5 job and the other works nights at a restaurant, it is important to be mindful of each other’s schedules. Don’t start blaring your music or the television at 5am if your roommate has only been home for a few hours. Conversely, try to be quiet when coming home at 2am if you know that your roommate will be waking up in a few hours for work.

Talk to each other about any issues.

Instead of keeping your feelings hidden and letting them build up, go ahead and talk to your roommate about anything that may be bothering you. Clear and kind communication can go a long way at preventing larger arguments from happening in the future. Just be open with how you are feeling so that your roommate has a chance to change what is going on, and vice versa.

Get along with one another.

You don’t have to be best friends with your roommate, but it is imperative that you at least try to get along with one another. This will make the living situation much more enjoyable for everyone.