Why You Should be Living in Plaza Midwood

Charlotte is full of interesting an eclectic neighborhoods, but if you’re looking for a new place to live, Plaza Midwood is by far the best. Do you find yourself wondering if Plaza Midwood is right for you? Here are some reasons why it absolutely is.

1. You’ll Never Go Hungry
Plaza Midwood is the location of choice for those looking for a place to eat. When you live there, places like Midwood Smokehouse or Bistro la Bon are right in your backyard. Eating out becomes an adventure with so many tasty options nearby.

2. Staying Active Is Easy
After getting your fill of the food in Plaza Midwood, jump on your bike and take to the sidewalks for a ride around town. You’ll find that Plaza Midwood makes it easy to job, bike or walk around the community, so you can stay active easily. Midwood Park is a hot spot for outdoor activities and local festivals, so make it a stop along your ride or walk.

3. You Can Shop Till You Drop
Shopping is also easy to come by in Plaza Midwood. You won’t find a lot of chain stores here, and there’s no big shopping mall, but boutiques and art galleries as well as eclectic furniture stores are around every corner. This certainly fits the genre of people that call Plaza Midwood home, too!

4. Varied Real Estate Options
Are you convinced now that Plaza Midwood is right for you? Good, because there’s a home or apartment here that’s right for you. In Plaza Midwood you can find something for everyone. From town homes, condos and apartments to spacious single-family homes and historic row houses, Plaza Midwood has a real estate style that matches your needs and desires, and all of them are designed to blend seamlessly with the historic nature of the community.

5. The Nightlife Is Excellent
Around every corner of Plaza Midwood you’ll find a bar, beer garden, tavern or even an art gallery that has its own craft beer. When you’re ready to have a night out with friends, Plaza Midwood delivers well.

Plaza Midwood has exactly what you’ve been looking for in a neighborhood. If you are think gin of moving in the Charlotte metro area, check out Plaza Midwood. You won’t be disappointed.