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Decorating Tips for an Eclectic Style

Would you describe your style as chic or eclectic? Eclectic style mixes a wide variety of decorative styles in one space. It may have farmhouse elements combined with modern chic and mid-century all in the same space. This is becoming increasingly popular, especially for those who like more than one style of décor. In an apartment, eclectic décor can quickly look cluttered and disorganized.

If this is your style, here are some helpful tips to help you create a pulled-together look.

Keep Layout in Mind
Before you start adding pieces to your new modern apartment, consider the overall layout of the room and its furniture. This should guide your choices as you purchase items to place in the room. Decide exactly where the main pieces of furniture need to fit, then build your décor around it.

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Create a Focal Point
Even though eclectic style can seem a bit of a mishmash, your look can be pulled together when you have a main focal point. A bold item of décor, a wall of photos, a fireplace or a similar bold element should anchor your décor and tie everything together.

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Find an Element that Pulls it Together
For eclectic style to look like a style, not a mess, it needs a unifying element. This may be a color scheme or a pattern that is repeated throughout the space. It may even be a shape that is often repeated. Pick something, and then focus your additional choices around that element.

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Layer Diverse Textures
Textures will generate interest and embrace your eclectic vibe, so consider layering textures in your space to more easily capture that eclectic style. Choosing different textures will give the space the interest you’re wanting. Throw pillows, blankets, rugs and window curtains all bring texture into your design.

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Don’t Add Too Much
If your space is smaller, don’t add too much. Make sure each piece you add is something that brings value to the space. It’s easy with an eclectic style to make the space crowded quickly, so be thoughtful about every piece you put into the space.

Eclectic style is hard to pull off well, but when it is executed with skill, it creates an attractive and interesting space. Use these tips to create your own!