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Urban Living Defined

What defines urban living? Is it the style of the home? Is it the location of a property? Is it the overall ambiance of the neighborhood? For those who choose The Village at Commonwealth for their Charlotte urban lifestyle, the answer is all of the above. This community is the ideal place in Charlotte, NC for creating an urban living lifestyle, and here’s why.

A Vibrant Neighborhood

No matter how “urban” your community itself may feel, if it’s surrounded by suburban living, you aren’t going to get that true urban vibe. The Village at Commonwealth is in Charlotte’s vibrant Plaza Midwood neighborhood, a place where eclectic shops, unique dining experiences and an “always on the go” feel.

From your apartment or townhome, you can easily walk to one of many cafes, restaurants and coffee shops located right in your community. The neighborhood is socially minded, providing ample opportunities to enjoy your neighbors and friends. In addition. Plaza Midwood is just minutes from Uptown, and getting into the heart of the city is a breeze. Just jump on a CATS bus from one of the stops located right in Plaza Midwood!

Amenities Designed for Urban Living

Another reason The Village at Commonwealth is such a positive choice for embracing an urban lifestyle is the amenities it provides. In between the beautiful apartments and townhouses with their historically authentic architecture stands a number of pocket parks, large courtyards and plaza and mature trees lining the streets. At the heart of it all is Veteran’s Park, an urban oasis with plenty of room to play and explore.

This means that residents have ample space to get outdoors and enjoy nature, even in the middle of the city. In addition, The Village at Commonwealth provides resident garden plots for outdoor gardening, outdoor kitchens for barbecues and an indoor fitness facility complete with sauna and Jacuzzi. Everywhere you look in The Village at Commonwealth, you will find amenities designed for the contemporary urban lifestyle, with a bit more space and freedom than is possible in other urban communities.

As you can see, The Village at Commonwealth is urban living defined. Here you are in the city, near all of its amenities, all while enjoying a vibrant, connected and welcoming community. If you’re looking for apartments and town homes in downtown Charlotte, you need to experience The Village at Commonwealth.